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Why do an intro session with us? There are many programs out there. Not all of them are the same. We have created a unique program that we want to share with you. Money and time are important assets, let’s not waste each others time trying to fit into a program that doesn’t work for you. Doing an intro session is an easy way to kick the tires so to speak and see if we are a good fit: us for you and vice versa.

What happens at an intro session? Can’t I just try a class? An intro session as opposed to a class allows us the space and time needed to explain our program. We designed a program to help you not only get fit but get healthy both physically and mentally. Our goal is to help you improve every aspect of your life. Your well- being is our biggest priority. During an intro session we have time to get to know eachother. What are your goals? What is your experience with exercise? What is your diet like? In this session you can ask questions about the program without interruption and you have our undivided attention.

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