About Los Amigos CrossFit

 What is CrossFit?  CrossFit is varied functional movements constantly varied executed at high intensity. Developed and refined through years of scientific and mathmatical research, CrossFit training is currently being used by many military, police and professional athletic organizations worldwide.

Why? Because CrossFit is proven to produce undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness. CrossFit is a universally scalable approach to exercise, which makes it the perfect program for any committed individual regardless of prior experience. Each client performs the same workout; we simply scale the load and intensity to fit our clients’ ability and fitness goals. Because CrossFit consists of constantly-varied workouts, it also produces the best exercise adherence – you have fun, you like it, so you do it more and are less likely to quit! From children and the elderly, to elite athletes; every one can benefit from CrossFit.

Who is Los Amigos CrossFit? We are friends. Los Amigos translates in English to “The Friends” and while that is good to know the reason we picked that name is because we want to be more than a place to work out. Friends can be important people in one’s life, a source of support, a listening ear, and sometimes friends can be like a second family. And tho’ we love ya’ we aren’t asking you to move in. What we do want is to be more than just a place to get sweaty. There is something about  suffering in “battle” with others there can be a sense of comradery or community that happens. 


Carlos Cueva Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit  Gymnastics  Trainer Course, CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course

pic for website about lac

Sandy Bond Level 1 Trainer

sandy pic for about lac  

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