Monday’s Workout

For those of you that know Oscar “ panda”. He was in a very bad car accident this week on his way to Vegas where he had to be flown to nearby hospital. He is currently unconscious with family by his side waiting on the outcome. Please support if you can financially and with positive thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated as things happen. 


(30) Jumping Jacks
(30) Seal Jacks
McCarthy Special (3/3)
(20) Iron Cross
(20) Scorpions
(15/15) Single leg Glute Bridge
(20) Black Burns
(20) Banded Good Mornings
(15) Squat JumpsStrength

Back Squat (Find your 5rm)

Supplemental 3 Rounds
(10/10) Single Leg DB RDL
(10/10) Reverse Lunge with Pallof Press

Metabolic Conditioning

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)10 min. AMRAP
(10) Push Press (135/95)(125/75)(115/65)
(30) Double Unders
 *scaled (100) Single unders
(30 yards) Bear Crawl

Cool Down

Extra Credit (100 Banded Hamstring Curls)

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