Thursday’s Workout 5/17

pendlay row

3-4 rounds
3 front squat (ahap)
10 dball over the shoulder 60#/40#
row 200 (lowest time is score)

Buns and Guns:
walking lunges on turf with dumbells (you pick weight)
complete 12-15 reps of curls at halfway point, end of turf, halfway back and end of turf for a total of 48-60 reps

Friday’s Workout 5/11

king of the hill (half)
run to the corner of Hill st and Temple
return to gym
with the remaining time establish a
deadlift one rep max
30 min cut off

  • score is run time and heaviest weight¬†
  • deadlift must be controlled down
  • ¬†route is industry, right at redondo, right at hill to temple
    return the same route