Wednesday’s Workout 3/22




Life is full of choices. Everything you do each day you choose to do. You may not want to do it but it must be done. When we choose the right things we tend to move in the right direction. When we choose the wrong thing we move in the wrong direction. Sometimes it is chosen for us but for the most part WE get to choose. If you are tired of the situation you are in begin to examine the choices you have been making and see if you can right the ship so to speak. I am a firm believer that you can create the life that you want. But…it is full of tough choices and it is not easy. It is very hard actually. That is probably why most people are happy to be miserable doing what they are told to do by someone else. Tired of where you find yourself? The choice is yours amigo.

4 rounds
5 Deadlift (ahap)
10 grasshoppers l/r=1
1 sled drag

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