Friday’s workout 8/1

From August 1st – August 30th we will be doing an 800m run challenge that will help us to focus on our running. All you have to do is decide how many times a week you want to commit to it and check in with your times.



5 rounds

run 400m

10 romanian deadlift 95/65#


Thursday’s Workout 7/31

“Around the Block in 30 days”

For the month of August join the Los Amigos community by improving your time in running 800meters. Take the challenge and commit to how many days you can run a 800m(1/2 mile) for time during the week.  Text your results to the group each time for accountability and see by the end of the month what improvements you’ve made. Anyone can join us and it’s free. You don’t have to come here just let us know what your committment is and we’ll put you on list of go getters. Let’s do this!


Barbara (modified)

3 rounds
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats

3 min rest between each rounds

Wednesday’s Workout 7/30

Get ready another challenge is on for the month of August here at Los Amigos.

This time it’s not food but instead focusing on getting better with something we all seem to dread in the workout. More details to come…


3 rounds

20 kb swings 52/35#
20 squats

Friday’s Workout 7/25

Just another reminder no class at 6 pm and 7 pm tonight. Saturday classes resume as scheduled

To get your current info on  the 2014 Crossfit Games status go to games.crossfit,com/about-the-games/press-information




25 dumbbell clean and jerk 35#/25#
25 grasshoppers
25 dumbbell clean and jerk 35#/25#
25 shoulder taps

Tuesday’s Workout 7/22

Crossfit Games this weekend at the Stub Hub in Carson! We will not have 6 & 7 pm class Friday night due to the games going on at this time. Saturday is at regular time.

Yes, that is an autograph picture from Rich Froning(3x men’s Crossfit game champion) from the 2012 games.

Yes, I will be on the lookout for him again :)-Sandy 


8 min amrap
toe touches
kb squat 35/25#