Tuesday’s Workout 7/1


Challenge results are coming in and it’s looking good from 8 weeks ago. Keep it up! Don’t let what you learned be forgotten


3 position clean

  • high clean
  • low hang clean
  • floor clean  


Eat to Succeed III WOD: 1600m row/1 min kb swings

Monday’s Workout 6/30






The challenge is over!!!! 8 weeks of learning how to eat Paleo and make it a lifestyle. This week we will remeasure and do the original performance workout to see our improvements over 8 weeks.

Performance WOD

  • 1600 row
  • 1 min kettle bell swings



Friday’s Workout 6/27


Make these last days of our 8 week challenge the best you can. You can do it!!!



4 rounds
5 deadlifts
2 cleans
1 front squat
100 jump singles or 20 double unders
* recover between each round
* add weight each round
* use 70% of 1 rep max of clean as starting weight

Thursday’s Workout 6/26


Still have time time to sign up for the Los Amigos 5k run. Now we’ve opened it to non-members who would like to do a 5k. Whether it’s your first time or stopped counting come join us this Saturday @ 9am for a morning run



3 rounds
run 400m
10 split jerk 45/35#
10 mountain climbers

Monday’s Workout 6/23


Sign up for the 5k on 6/28 @9am Saturday morning! Whether it’s your first one or one of many done see how you do. We will be at the end of our Paleo challenge so it’s a great way to end the 8 weeks. Earn yourself an extra day for the next week for accepting the challenge.
Then stay after and have a “drink” with us pool side. You can even enjoy a swim if you want. Sign up on the board this week


*after each set run a 400m

Friday’s Workout 6/20


Right now until the end of July grab a friend and try a month of Crossfit for 2 for 1. See what all the fuss is about and get the results you’ll love. Any membership package valid with this offer. Don’t let this offer pass you by and message us today


800m run
one set of max push ups
400m run
one set of max squats
200m run

* for push ups you may rest in top position for as long as you like. No resting on the ground.
* for squat any pause or break  will not be allowed

Thursday’s Workout 6/19

Follow us on Pinterest to learn more about the Paleo diet,workouts and general “stuff” about Crossfit and Los Amigos gym. (there’s lots of recipes to choose from so you don’t have to go searching)



4 rounds

10 Deadlift 135/95#
10 burpees

Wednesday’s Workout 6/18



Our first lil Crossfit baby,Emma Rose, born today at 5lbs 13 oz. already sporting the headband

Congrats to our member Angie,Matt and Addison on a beautiful little girl!

Wednesday WOD:

Shoulder Complex
shoulder press
push press
push jerk

*pick a weight that you can do all three moves without re-racking it
* increase weight each round