Tuesday’s Workout 5/6




We have  great success with our Paleo food challenges at our gym. It’s all about  learning how eating Paleo works in general and applying it to our daily life not just during the challenge. Our last challenge was in January and we lost over 60 inches total in our small gym. Here is our member Roberta, who worked hard and was the winner with the most inches lost


Read part of her story here:

Hi I’m Roberta and I’m 50 years old.  I’ve always been an active person.  I enjoy working out especially in a “class environment”.  The reason Crossfit has worked for me is because the work out for the day is never the same so there is no boredom involved.  You get cardio and strength training and a coaching staff who is right there to make sure you lift with proper form and they keep you accountable.  If you are on the schedule to work out and you don’t show up you are guaranteed to get texted messages asking if everything is ok.  Now what other gym will do that?  The other aspect of Crossfit that I love is the support and information they provide regarding eating Paleo.  I was the one who thought if you eat low fat foods then you’re eating healthy.  It has been a long journey and hard at times to change the way I eat but the more and more I participate in the food challenges the less carbs are part of my meals.  I am down 20 lbs since I started and I still have 20 to go but I’m headed in the right direction.  I consider myself work in progress but progress is what I’m making and I’m proud of myself.


4 rounds
10 dumbbell hang power squat snatch l/r 35/25#
20 sit ups
200m run

If you haven’t been in this week yet then it’s

Eat to Succeed III Performance WOD
1600m row
1min kettlebell swings
(coach decides weight used)

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