Monday’s Workout 1/20

“ Stop trying to be
perfect. Instead
be real about the
road ahead and
live day by day.”

Today is the day! or at least for some of us it’s the continuation of something we’ve been doing all along but now we are accountable to each other. For the next 8 weeks our gym will be challenging each other to eat “clean”. This might mean something different for everyone involved but the end result is the same. We want you to learn what can work for you to help you feel better, sleep better, look better and perform better as an athlete. It can be 100% strict Paleo or it might be just cutting out one thing that you thought you “never” could live without. We want you to learn from this and continue it even when the challenge has ended. Follow along Eat to Succeed daily with Coach Sandy on our FB page and learn how she plans to make this challenge the best one she has ever done.

E.T.S.  WOD:

800m run for time

2min push press

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