Tuesday’s Workout 11/26

Tuesday's Workout 11/16

This week we are concluding our “Eat to Succeed” challenge with a retest of the performance WOD and measurements done back in September. So far members are meeting their goals of decreasing inches and increasing strength.
Pictured Jason Funke who today had a time pr of 6:18 from his previous time of 6:55 running the mile.

20 min to establish max in the Shoulder Press
Challenge Time

Tuesday’s Workout 11/19

Tuesday's Workout 11/19

Bring in 2-5 cans/boxes of food to donate to the Long Beach Rescue Mission by this Saturday to help support fellow members from Static Salon with their food drive

5 rounds

5 Deadlift

5 clean

5 burpees

*rest between each round {use 70% of clean 1 rep max}


“Feats of Strength”

Monday’s Workout 11/18

Monday's Workout  11/18

Schedule your calendar for the week to get your workouts in, Set your alarms to get you up to get your workout in, stretch your sore muscles so you can get your workout in, just get your workout in!!

400m run/25 sit ups
400m run/25candlesticks
400m run/25 hollow rocks
400m run
*rest 1 min between rounds